The Bengal Cat Personality

The Bengal cat is one of the most charming and stunning cat breeds. To many people, they are thought of as "wild cats" but they are completely domestic. I have fostered many cats but the Bengal cat has different personality traits than your average house cat. They are extremely intelligent and can be very demanding if they don't get what they want. They are also very vocal and can impersonate what you do. They are very loving and playful. Bengals are not meant for every cat owner, so research thoroughly before attempting to adopt one.

What is a Bengal? Bengal cats are descended from Japan. The wild Asian Leopard cat was bred with a domestic cat to make the Bengal. This happened sometime in the 1940's. It wasn't until the 1970's that the Bengal cat appeared in North America. Most Bengals have a very athletic, muscular form. They have the look of a wild cat, with different markings then you've probably seen on other cats. Their coats are either leopard printed or marbled. Most have the "mascara look" around the eyes. The Bengals I fostered all looked like leopards. Some cat associations refuse to accept Bengals as a breed. The cat fanciers Association does not accept "hybrid breeds" such as the Bengal.

They are absolutely gorgeous animals but they should only be in homes where they can receive a lot of attention. This is important and something that many people overlook. There are many Bengals in shelters because they were adopted by people and then they changed their minds. So please, think very carefully before considering adoption. I may sound like a broken record but it's something I feel strongly about.

A Bengal cats temperament will vary on it's development. Bengal cats are classified on the level of their filial (or offspring) generation. A F1 Bengal would be the first offspring from cross breeding and would therefore not be as tame as an F4 (fourth generation). It's important to research your Bengal cat's development. Many people don't take this into consideration when adopting a Bengal and are unprepared.

Right. Back to the Bengals and their unique personality. As stated before before, Bengals are vocal. I should clarify. A Siamese is vocal, A Bengal can raise the roof if it wants to. They love conversation and will speak with you quite easily. They also love water. Most cats avoid water at all costs, but Bengals enjoy playing in it. They love to play hide and seek and are very kittenish in their games. Obviously, they are not your typical cat. They only look wild, however. They should not be adopted just because you want a "wild cat". They are energetic, social, extroverted cats that love human companionship.

If you are considering a Bengal, please look into adoption. There are so many Bengals that need a loving, forever home. Here are some links for those interesting in Bengal cats:

Bengal Cat Rescue

Great Lakes Bengal Rescue

California Bengal Cat Rescue

I hope you've learned a little about the Bengal cat and it's personality traits. They are lovely pets and there are so many in need of a good home. If you're serious and patient, consider adopting one of these beautiful animals.


  1. Thank you for sharing insights. I have a cat that comes to my home frequently, as I think the owners go away and do not feed it. She comes to my home for feeding and affection, although after a little body massage she sometimes "strikes" back. I'm trying to learn more about this breed.

    I grew up with siamese and have pretty much always had cats, but do not so currently. Researching as I am considering adopting from a bengal rescue.


  2. I adopted a 9 year old male Bengal from a local Vet's cat shelter. He was given up by his parents, and I found him three days later. He's very beautiful, and unusual for a Bengal. He's vocal, but tends to stay mostly by himself until he's ready for attention. He loves to be petted, and talked to. He does talk back! He's also big! 11+ lbs but looks much bigger than that, very muscular. He does have a gut issue, which I find is common in Bengals. But, other than that, he's quite healthy and spry! I'm very lucky to have adopted Sonny!

  3. they love to bite and strike at you as a game all the time.......funny cats. will follow you around like a dog

  4. I have ownd many cat´s but i never saw anything similar to a Bengal. I adapted two Kittens and although they are very young they managed to dominate my 3 quite big European cats in 2 weeks time. I adore to see them play. They are really very energetic and demanding, so I would always recomend to get yourself two animals, for they might tire you and it´s beatiful to see them play. I confess, i`m in love! Ariane

  5. Wow. I really love Bengals. My friend have one but haven't got much time, but she have many cats and one of them is the Bengal's best friend. From what I heared, they love to chase each other. The other cat who isn't a breed, screams when she's chased by the Bengal. I really felt nice hearing about them. :D

  6. I was given a cat a year ago, it was less than 6 months old then. It was hit by a car and recovered, fixed, had it's ear clipped, then it found me. I held it for 15 minutes when I first met her, put her down and she was lost in my shop for a month. I thought she got out somehow. Never ate or drank. After a month, one day I heard it in the walls. She came out fat, and I admit no mice were in the traps that month. She and I have bonded like no other cat I have had. We talk, and if called she always comes! Loves to play in the sink with water, which I thought was odd. Absolutely loves kids and attention. She cuddles with me at night time and regularly talks just out of the blue. She likes to sit on a ledge above the shop and watch. Believe this or not, is not scared of power tools like table saws. Her favorite is raw egg. Her spots are on her tummy, but has a circular pattern on her side. She is my best friend. If she wants attention, she will come up to me a gently touch me with her paw. Wonderful wonderful cat.

  7. Oh, she follows me everywhere I go. If I sit she lays close by. If I work, she follows and watches. If I sit, she comes and talks then jumps up. Incredible. Potty trained and will go for a couple days and return. When she does, it is like she has to tell me what it was like. Crack up.

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